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The List is NOT a membership site. However, for individuals that wish to access a previous message that Chrissy has talked about on social media, her podcast, or elsewhere you must sign up for a subscription plan below AND also grab the Breakthrough Email upgrade.

Why this process?

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Get on The List, an exclusive email mentorship newsletter for Insiders that wish to receive real-time updates from Chrissy. These updates give you a sneak peek into future art releases & act as a literal roadmap to anyone seeking to live a life on their terms.

Chrissy is Here to Facilitate Your Expansion

This List Mentorship Membership is for Expansion Seekers desiring to have a Disruptive Thinker in their toolbox.

You join The List knowing you already have everything you need to grow AND you choose to surround yourself with a Disruptive Thinker that speeds up or activates the stretch.

Of course life is a great teacher and will show you the way. And sometimes life leads you to a person that can facilitate your growth in ways you never thought possible.

Join The List because you want it and you choose to be supported, not because it’s the only option for you to expand.

Mentorship for Insiders

Chrissy is the Intuitive Creativity & Business Mentor you’ve always wanted. 

For her Insiders Chrissy shares insights unlocked as she reaches new levels of creativity, business, and expansion all across the board. She will be sharing ANYTHING that is meant to flow through. There are no rules. There are no limits. 

The List is similar to a mastermind, just neatly packaged as powerful messages you’ll receive in your inbox. You are receiving first access to Chrissy’s embodied wisdom and channeled messages surrounding creativity, following soul guidance, soul-led business expansion and more! 

There is no regular schedule for this newsletter. The messages meant to flow through arrive real-time, not based on a schedule.

Some of the messages you receive on The List are intimate and will not be shared with the public. I’m inviting you into my life and business. This is a level of intimacy you cannot receive unless you are on The List.

As an Insider on The List you may receive special videos, audio notes, and other surprises!!

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Having trouble? Email orders@chrissymichelle.com after purchase with your full name, email used at purchase, and the topic of the Breakthrough Email you are interested in. 

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