Disruptive Strategy Trainings: A Collection of Immersive Art Experiences

Out of the box creative strategies for Brands & Entrepreneurs ready to PLAY and prioritize Innovation & Creativity.

Entrepreneurship or High Performance Life can be STRESSFUL. You may ALWAYS be ON or in WORK MODE. Rushing Rushing Rushing.

With my trainings, offerings and programs you have the opportunity to Plug In, Get the Value, and Be Present. You are engaging in an Immersive Art Experience that facilitates the healing energy of a PAUSE or PRESENCE.

Limited Edition for 2022 Series

Only 500 copies per training will be offered this year.

Unconventional Instagram Strategies


In this training we cover Unique & Creative Social Media Strategies that unlock new layers of FREEDOM & EASE for yourself & your business. 

You are presented with multiple options and guided to TUNE IN (embodiment practice) to piece together the strategy that works best for your needs. 

Kinda like Choose Your Own Adventure or Putting together the Puzzle Pieces.

All strategies are for PLAY. This is for those that are ready to EXPERIMENT. We do not guarantee results. Disruptive Trainings are for Individuals prioritizing Creativity + Innovation at this point in their entrepreneurial journey.

Disruptive Strategies means we craft NEW ways of doing things! This is great if you care about having a competitive edge or are simply seeking FRESH ideas to try out. 

Chrissy, The Expansion Oracle, has unlocked infinite creative flow, frequently plays in the limitless realm and maintains and EXPANSIVE mindset. This is what helps her craft NEW strategies to help those who are ready to PLAY in business.

In This Training You Will…

Soul Guidance Tuning In

Healing Immersive Art Experience — Pause & Presence — Trainings Done Differently

Unlock New Layers of Freedom, Peace, Creativity, and Joy

Deeper Values Embodiment + Integration Play (FREEDOM VALUE)

Out of the Box Disruptive Thinking

Play With A New Strategy You’ll Piece Together from the Information Provided and/or Soul Guidance

The Expansion Oracle

Hey, Fellow Expansion Seeker! It’s Chrissy Michelle, founder of The Expansion Oracle, A Global High-Performance Brand for Women.

The Expansion Oracle mission is to help High Performing Female Entrepreneurs, Creative+Entrepreneurs, & Visionaries access deeper flow & shift to infinite dreamy timelines.

As you undergo Soul Expansion you unlock new levels of freedom, peace, creativity, and joy. I call this a soul-alive, turned-on life.

In The Expansion Oracle World, you’ll find information and offers related to Mindset, Business, Creativity, Freedom, and more niche topics!