Everything Came Crashing Down | Entrepreneur Vlog Day 1

I did it. I let go of The Expansion Oracle and it feels so good.

I’ve officially burned it all to the ground. Even my Instagram Account which I loved.

I’ve decided it’s time to start fresh. Everything from the ground up. All over again.

When I think about all the time and energy I put into the last business it feels like a major loss. But I did win. I gained so much experience and it transformed me in ways I never expected.

Now we’re embarking on a new journey. One in which I’m blogging about my entrepreneurial experience. I’m also putting more focus on my second company, The High-End VA. Finally.

So I’m still in the coaching brand realm which is pretty groovy. I absolutely love the business model and serving my target market.

I’m actually also taking on new freelance virtual assistant clients for a bit. Working with Soulmate Brands/Clients, yay!

I’m kinda glad I’m cutting ties from The Expansion Oracle realm. I thought I had space for it but after my stay in the hospital, everything changed for me.

I had to come to terms with the fact that I am different, forever changed in fact. And it’s time to truly enter a new chapter which for me involved letting go of more than I originally thought.

Success Timelines. Which are you choosing?

I am choosing ease, fun, and flow. I am choosing a low-stress business venture. I am choosing to heal. I am choosing me first, not entrepreneurship.

After my mental health diagnosis, I really wondered if I was still up for entrepreneurship. My Ego is really attached to this label so to have something so groundbreaking come and possibly take that away? I was not happy about it.

In fact, I became frustrated because I don’t like limitations. I believe I can still achieve my dreams even if ______. I believe I can be an entrepreneur that also has other stuff going on that doesn’t define me as a person.

I am expansive and multi-faceted. There’s nothing about me that limits my ability to be an amazing entrepreneur. At least, that’s the belief I choose to hold.

And I really had to fight for that belief. I had to ground myself. I nearly lost all of me.

But I couldn’t allow that for myself. It was a non-negotiable with Life itself. So I fought my way back to normalcy.

I’m grateful for my life. I’m grateful I can still be present.

Because at such a young age I nearly checked out. And there’s so much I have yet to experience.

I’m still dreaming of the day I meet my soulmate and have a love similar to my parents, the lifelong kind. There are still so many places to travel, people to meet, visions to bring to life, and goodness to manifest.

It’s been approx 2 Months since my hospitalization. And I’m closing the doors on The Expansion Oracle for good.

I believe it served its purpose. Good things are coming because I went all in. I know this to be true.

Now for those that are interested, we still have 4 offers available for purchase on the website. Those will remain up.

In the future, I may release the creative project the Mindset Magic Library. I am still very excited about seeing this come together, especially because I’ll be incorporating groovy vibes. Funsies collaboration!

2 Months since hospitalization. Wow. I’m doing so much better.

Recently I was talking to my mother about my career. I told her I don’t think I could ever not be an entrepreneur.

Because I have things I wanna do in this lifetime. And entrepreneurship is just one of the ways to generate the coin necessary for my current and future lifestyle.

So I’m back to freelancing. And I’m also building a business from the ground up. The first goal is to serve 1,000 people with this popping signature program and hit $2.5M in Revenue.

I’ll be documenting my experience with a semi-daily vlog on my Instagram Account @chrissymichelleco

Check out my Day 1 Video Below!

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