Frequency Tune Up Session: Unlock the Answers Within

Frequency Tune Up: You already have the answers inside of you. Get supported by someone who CAN see your vision, not limitations + act as your mirror. Go Expansive with Chrissy + Drop blocks, illusions, limitations keeping you from your ideal timeline. 

1-day Voxer session, $25k

11AM-2PM USA New York EDT Mon-Friday is when Chrissy will be available to Vox back and forth with you.

 The session could last 20minutes or span throughout the duration of 11AM-2PM, it’s flexible. 

These Frequency Tune Up Sessions are for you to be supported in Expansive Energy + Leadership. 

This is for those ready to RISE into their POWER & TUNE themselves to their IDEAL TIMELINE/EXPERIENCE. 

Let’s drop the blocks, limitations and illusions weighing ya down. 

You’ll be held to a higher standard in Chrissy’s Frequency Tune Up Sessions–these sessions are great for high performers or those drawn to the experience.

Don’t worry, high performance is just a LABEL. It’s going to be chill vibes lol. 


  1. We do not offer refunds. 
  2. Emergency Cancellations on either end must be rescheduled within 3-months of initial meeting.
  3. You must submit an application by clicking the button below and filling out the information. IF APPROVED we will email you with further instructions on payment + additional details.
  4. We do not offer free consultations. Check out the form for more information + apply if you’re ready to collaborate. We’d love to support you!

The Expansion Oracle

Hey, Fellow Expansion Seeker! It’s Chrissy Michelle, founder of The Expansion Oracle, A Global High-Performance Brand for Women.

The Expansion Oracle mission is to help High Performing Female Entrepreneurs, Creative+Entrepreneurs, & Visionaries access deeper flow & shift to infinite dreamy timelines.

As you undergo Soul Expansion you unlock new levels of freedom, peace, creativity, and joy. I call this a soul-alive, turned-on life.

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