Goddess Vibes Training Series: A Collection of Immersive Art Experiences

Activate & Unleash Your Inner Goddess. This is for Advanced Energy Empresses (those that have taken Protect Your Energy Program) OR the rebellious group of people that DARE to integrate these powerful trainings, without the training wheels. 

Entrepreneurship or High Performance Life can be STRESSFUL. You may ALWAYS be ON or in WORK MODE. Rushing Rushing Rushing.

With my trainings, offerings and programs you have the opportunity to Plug In, Get the Value, and Be Present. You are engaging in an Immersive Art Experience that facilitates the healing energy of a PAUSE or PRESENCE.

Unconditional Self Love: Going Deeper With Energy Management

Soul Guidance Activation & Embodiment Training: 

In this Soul Guidance Activation, we talk about going DEEPER with Energy Management so you can unlock a new layer of lightness, peace, freedom, and ease.

We provide a few action steps for you to follow + open up new doors in your mind with this activation.

Topics are Unconditional Self Love, Pleasure (the non-trendy kind people aren’t talking about), Honoring Yourself, and Advanced Boundaries Setting. 

The Goddess Vibes Series is here to help you step into your FULL POWER as a Goddess. We’ve moved on from basic energy management and have evolved from ENERGY EMPRESS to GODDESS.

The Goddess Vibes Series is birthed from GODDESS ARCHETYPAL ENERGY. This activation + embodied wisdom comes from the LENS/PERSPECTIVE of the GODDESS ARCHETYPE as defined by The Expansion Oracle.

In this training you will..

Get Activated & Follow Your Own Soul Guidance

Release & Adopt Subconscious Programming

Shift to Your Dreamy Timeline

Open New Doors in Your Mind

Deep Embodiment & Integration of Unconditional Self Love

Unlock New Layers of Peace, Freedom, Joy and Creativity

Engage In A Healing Immersive Art Experience

Play with a New Strategy You’ll Piece Together W/ Info Provided or Soul Guidance

The Expansion Oracle

Hey, Fellow Expansion Seeker! It’s Chrissy Michelle, founder of The Expansion Oracle, A Global High-Performance Brand for Women.

The Expansion Oracle mission is to help High Performing Female Entrepreneurs, Creative+Entrepreneurs, & Visionaries access deeper flow & shift to infinite dreamy timelines.

As you undergo Soul Expansion you unlock new levels of freedom, peace, creativity, and joy. I call this a soul-alive, turned-on life.

In The Expansion Oracle World, you’ll find information and offers related to Mindset, Business, Creativity, Freedom, and more niche topics!