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Join Chrissy behind the scenes in this sacred space where she shall share things related to personal life, business, and limitless living. 

Expand your mind. Flood your subconscious with possibilities, not limitations. Walk alongside Chrissy as she expands. 

Co-Create with us. Let’s explore!

Your Expansive BFF

For her Expansion Seekers Chrissy shares insights unlocked as she reaches new levels of freedom, love, creativity, business, and expansion all across the board. She will be sharing ANYTHING that is meant to flow through. There are no rules. There are no limits. 

There is no regular schedule for this newsletter. The messages meant to flow through arrive real-time, not based on a schedule.

Some of the messages you receive on The Limitless Life Newsletter are intimate and will not be shared with the public. You’re being invited into Chrissy’s life and business. This is a level of intimacy you cannot receive unless you are engaged in an energetic exchange with Chrissy (paid spaces).

As an Expansion Seeker on The Limitless Life Newsletter you may receive special videos, audio notes, and other surprises!!

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You can sign up for any subscription, any time of the year. Memberships will be prorated depending on when you sign up. See final investment at checkout. 

Your subscription confirmation email to The Limitless Life Newsletter should arrive within 2-3 business days of sign up. If you need additional support from the Team, Customer Service is available Wednesday, 1x week. 

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