Mindset Work Saved Me. Getting Out of the Entrepreneur Slump.

I am the same exact person that I was when I was joyous and excited about my work. However, at this point in my life, I’ve felt imposter syndrome and a lack of confidence and motivation.

This has to do with the unexpected event I experienced a few months ago in which I was hospitalized for my mental health.

There were just way too many stressors in my life at once.

Since then I’ve gotten help from a psychiatrist and a therapist. I’ve been healing and getting back to normalcy.

I must admit I’ve been in an entrepreneur slump. I’ve been pushing forward despite my lack of passion and negative thoughts that keep rising to the surface.

I’ve never experienced such a large amount of negative thoughts until I recently became ungrounded. The hospitalization changed everything for me. I lost my sense of self. All my confidence went down the drain.

One of the things I’m blessed to have in my toolbox is Mindset Resources. I know how to Master & Maintain an Expansive Mindset for continued success and happiness in my life.

Along with therapy Mindset Work has really helped with getting me back on track. I know if I don’t take any action my life will feel aimless and boring.

If I didn’t master & maintain an expansive mindset, literally pouring into myself, I would not be able to weather the storms that can come with entrepreneurship. Without the appropriate tools, it’s hard to not give up and float in limbo land just wishing to have that passion again.

I’ve started a new business since I closed down my other one. At first, I figured entrepreneurship wasn’t for me anymore. I didn’t feel as excited and passionate as I have in the past.

However, I realized I’m just not a fan of being in startup mode. I love helping people and entrepreneurship and that’ll never change. It’s my way of life. Right now I’m trying to find the joy of being in full-on marketing mode.

And eventually, I cannot wait to help my lovely 1:1 clients and do my signature group program too.

Now in order to get there, I have to take consistent action and keep the vision alive. This requires me to be on point with my mindset work.

I have this vision that I’m trying to bring to life. I must hold the vision and believe in it deeply before I see it come to fruition. This is what it means to be an entrepreneur, the one who makes dreams a reality.

With the loss of a business fresh on my heart along with massive changes in my personal life I again am blessed to have a Mindset toolbox & resources to help me achieve my goals.

So while I may still have these negative thoughts coming in I trust and believe every day things are getting better and better. I stay connected to my vision and I keep going.

And right now I try not to let the perfectionist side prevent me from taking action. Done is better than perfect, such a great quote.

I give myself grace and just continue to move forward no matter what I’m feeling or seeing. Of course, I take my time to feel my feelings, express myself, and take imperfect action.

Forward is my only option. I can’t remain stuck in place or go down a non-ideal path. The only way out is through it, yet another great quote.

If you wanna shift your energy and your mindset check out my shop where you’ll find some helpful resources. I’ll also soon create a resource where I share exactly what I do now as I’m in the midst of an entrepreneur slump.

I’m sending you so much love yall. Remember there is always hope to be had. In this life we have contrast. Another quote that I love is This Too Shall Pass. Keep holding on, goodness is coming your way again.


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