The Creative+Entrepreneur is The One That's...

  • Building or creating something new.
  • Starting a movement that hasn’t been done before.
  • Sharing their super cool product that’s made specifically for their people.
  • Following soul guidance and doesn’t know what the hell they are doing but feels called to move forward anyway
  • Pursuing their passion because they love it
  • Valuing mastery and artistry
  • Learning how to or already owns their creative power.
  • Seeing all the possibilities.
  • Bringing their vision to life.
  • Not settling for less
  • Open with their mind
  • Learning how to or already tapped into their infinite creative flow.
  • A master at discipline and entrepreneurship.
  • Building new things and experiments for fun.
  • Playing with life.
  • Exploring new worlds (imagination) and bringing back fresh ideas into the world
  • Claiming their identity as the Creative+Entrepreneur because they knew deep in their bones they were ALWAYS going to BE a Creative+Entrepreneur 
  • Excited they get to wave their magic wand and birth new inventions, ideas, products, services, offers, or experiences into this world.
  • In love with what they do and also values balance, connection and wellbeing.
  • A risk taker, get messy, and shakes things up when it’s necessary.
  • able to go expansive with other creative+entrepreneurs and see the vision instead of the limitations.
  • Excited when someone talks about their creative process.
  • A good human
  • Drawn to artists, big thinkers, and things outside of the “norm”.
  • Supporting others as they bring their vision to life.

The Creative+Entrepreneur is You and Me And Them

It’s all of us that are drawn to this page.

It’s all of us that read this and get the full-body soul recognition shivers.

It’s all of us that know we’ve found our home.

Are You Interested In Community?

I’ve created The Oasis which is an actual digital Oasis.

This is an oasis away from the noise, the pretending, the performing, the disconnect. In this space, we can only connect, collaborate, and support each other.

This space is like no other. It is a vortex into a new world.

The Oasis is an audio community held on a distraction-free platform. We use a platform that’s meant to connect which is perfect if you’re a digital minimalist like me and tired of using platforms that were made to be addicting.

This is not the place you come to sell or pitch. This is the vortex in which we embrace creativity, newness, freshness, art, innovation, thinking big, and thinking differently.

This is the space where we enter as equals. As normal human beings that encourage each other to bring our visions to life. 🙂 

This is a thinkspace, community, and intimate container where we respect each other’s ideas.

We need a sacred space where we focus not on why we can’t make something happen but on how we can.

In this sacred space you will be able to share real-time updates, wins, challenges, and ask for support from your fellow creative+entrepreneurs. 

Come join this space if you’re ready to document your journey bringing your Soulspired vision to life and wish to do it along others in an intimate container. 

Both offline & online creative+entrepreneurs are welcome to join! If you vibe with the description of a Creative+Entrepreneur, hit us up below via text. 

Welcome to The Oasis

At this time The Oasis is best for entrepreneurs with past experience running a business and now desire to or are currently embracing their creative power.

While The Oasis may sound similar to a mastermind the hosts won’t be going over entry-level or ANY business advice in this container. It’s meant to be an intimate community space for connection & a ThinkSpace for Creative+Entrepreneurs. 

The Oasis is a space for individuals who already have business know-how and discipline and are actively prioritizing creativity and innovation at this stage of their career.

Maybe you are starting a new business or embracing your creativity with your current business.

Come play in the limitless realm with us! It’s going to be fun (:

Details for The Oasis

Spots are limited to 10 people per group. The Oasis is held in a Voxer group chat.

There are no set amount of times you are required to engage or plug into The Oasis. We are all free to plug in when we want…it’s like a group chat with your friends. 

Sometimes it’s popping & sometimes we’re all busy AF. All of it works! 

If you wish to develop long-term relationships with your fellow creative+entrepreneurs in The Oasis, I’d set the intention to plug in, connect, share when you can.

Since we all have different connection levels you are welcome to message the admin if you’d like to be placed in a more “active” group & we’ll see what we can do. 

Rules of The Oasis

#1 Be Kind & Respectful.

#2 No Selling. Even Soft-Selling. You will be removed for SELLING. Period. We’ll do a 3x strike rule for fairness. But yall know what genuine connection is like lol. Chill vibes. 

#3 Support each other. If someone wants help, they will ASK. All ideas are welcome. Collective creative brainstorming is valuable. No idea shaming. Failure can occur with experimentation & innovation. We ALL know this and like to PLAY anyway. This is a support group for the Innovators, Inventors, Experimenters, Creators, etc. 

#4 Be YOURSELF. Feel comfortable to be you. Leave any strategic, “let me do X so I can get Y”, self at the door. It’s draining and goes against the core mission of The Oasis. :O

#5 What happens in The Oasis stays in The Oasis lol

#6 Use Your Audio. Voice is more human-to-human than text. We want intimacy > perfectly crafted lowkey sales pitches.

#7 Wanna collaborate? You’re welcome to put out a request in the group chat!!

#8 No stealing other’s ideas. Have respect for each other. 

#9 Keep the focus on creativity, business, innovation, as best as possible. Not the space for debates on politics, religion, drama, or gossip. Save this for facebook or other spaces. 


Hang With Us

Your Investment: 

$28k PIF or $2500/mo for 12 months

The Oasis is a container for those committed to creative+entrepreneurship and desiring community with others, who are also operating at the SAME level of commitment. 

The Oasis is about community, connection, and REALness. We are very intentional about the setup of this community to ensure the an optimum experience for all! 🙂  

We have limited availability so apply as soon as possible!

The Expansion Oracle

Hey, Fellow Expansion Seeker! It’s Chrissy Michelle, founder of The Expansion Oracle, a Global Personal Development Brand for Women.

The Expansion Oracle mission is to help Visionary Women experience a Soul-Alive Turned-On Life & shift to Infinite Dreamy Success Timelines. 

As you undergo Soul Expansion you unlock new levels of freedom, peace, creativity, and joy.

Are you ready to bring your Soulspired Vision to life?

Feel free to check out our communities, limitless archetypes and other offerings!



Important Stuffs to Know:

Chrissy Michelle Co. is not responsible for the behavior or actions of those within the community (like any business sharks in hiding). Share your ideas at your own risk. Ultimately, copycats exist in this world whether they are hiding in this community or elsewhere. How you handle copycats is your own business and responsibility. Drama in the group chat itself? Aka calling people out and picking sides. Not having it. This is…the oasis, not Facebook. Overall, do your best to be good humans and respect other people. And handle your business. That’s all we can ever do. Break the rules? Chrissy Michelle Co. can remove anyone from The Oasis at any time although we will have a 3x rule for fairness unless something drastic occurs. We don’t offer refunds. Don’t like this? Don’t Join unless you vibe with the rules, The Oasis, me, etc.