Slay Creative Resistance on Repeat (2022)

Are you a creative, entrepreneur, or conscious leader struggling with procrastination?

Do you often feel like an imposter and that this is preventing you from showing up, creating your art, sharing your ideas, or promoting your products and services? 

Do you struggle to do the “hard things” and wish it could be easier to try new things?

Do you desire to understand yourself at a deeper level so that you can work with yourself to stop letting procrastination have such great power of your life?

Do you desire to adopt an easier approach to achieving your goals that requires less headache and time? 

Do you desire to finally do the things you feel called to do but could never tackle in the past? 

Are you interested in being in integrity with yourself and others, doing what you said you were gonna do? 

Are you ready to stop avoiding your call to rise up and finally step into the expanded you? 

If you said yes to any one of the questions above, you, my friend, are in the right place!

Whether you are an entrepreneur, conscious leader, creative, or consider yourself all 3, you need The Procrastination Code in your life. 

The Procrastination Code goes DEEP into the reasons you are procrastinating and provides plenty of tools and resources to help you address the underlying causes. This program is highly transformative with content geared to help you stop procrastinating in both your BUSINESS and your LIFE. 

The energy of this course is special and unlike anything you’ve experienced in any other program of this kind. The perspectives and course material are activating and result in massive shifts.

The teachings and exercises help you address the deeper reasons you procrastinate. The concepts you learn in this course create a lifelong shift that will change the way you show up in your business and all other areas of your life.

This is not a band-aid solution nor is it a one method fits all kind of course. You first learn and experiment with the material and strategies. Then you choose which strategies, tools, and teachings serve you best in holding yourself accountable and dissolving resistance. 

If you’re ready to….

  • Slay Your Resistance, Repeatedly. Become A Resistance Dissolver
  • Drop the Imposter Syndrome and Get Your Creative Work Out Into The World
  • Rise into Your Expanded Self

I invite you to experience the Procrastination Code. 

How It Works

The Procrastination Code Program is a Transformational Immersive Art Experience.

A majority of the teachings you find in this program are a result of 12 Months of Deep Archetypal Embodiment Work, Embracing Soul Expansion, & Intuitive Creative Problem Solving (birthed from following SOUL/FLOW mode).

Know this work of art is one you pick up and play with. This program is art that has the power to change your life.

This is a Self-Study Program w/ Expert Q&A (Group). Once you join the program you will be engaging in Deep Embodiment Archetypal Play. What does this mean?

To activate & unleash your Inner Resistance Dissolver you are provided with activities, mindset shifts, embodied wisdom, deep discovery exercises, and subconscious reprogramming resources. 

You will receive instant access to The Procrastination Code after purchase.

Check your email for further instructions.

The login you create during purchase is the login you will use to access the course hosted on our website. Returning customers will want to be logged in to the Student Dashboard before making another purchase. 

Our support team is available Wednesdays to help enrollees with login or tech issues related to the course. Email or text us on whatsapp

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Your Program Facilitator

Hey, Fellow Expansion Seeker! It’s Chrissy Michelle, founder of The Expansion Oracle, A Global High-Performance Brand for Women.

The Expansion Oracle mission is to help High Performing Female Entrepreneurs, Creative+Entrepreneurs, & Visionaries access deeper flow & shift to infinite dreamy timelines. 

As you undergo Soul Expansion you unlock new levels of freedom, peace, creativity, and joy. I call this a soul-alive, turned-on life.

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