Creating A Supportive & Abundant Relationship With Time (2022)


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30-Minute Activation Training w/ Powerful Affirmations + Message on Integration/Embodied Wisdom. You CAN walk this earth feeling unlimited with your time. No longer does time have to be your master.

What is an activation?

Lol. So this training is something you can listen to on repeat to reprogram your subconscious mind, the part of your brain that’s responsible for most of your behavior, actions, thoughts (autopilot mode).

I’ve included affirmations which are another powerful reprogramming tool.

It offers a perspective shift that comes from embodied wisdom (the applied theory that arises from disruptive/creative thinking  which I’ve CREATED & applied in my own life & seen powerful results)


What Are These Results?

The magical. The subtle. The little things that add up. Like not having to worry or stress and be weighed down by time limitations.

This “perspective shift” or “new way of operating with time “, once integrated, has unlocked a new layer of peace + freedom for me.


Why is this important?

When you feel happier, freer, and peaceful, your life flows better. You experience more ease, and while life is always going to be imperfect, it can be better. This is the soul-alive, turned-on life that’s available to you.

Furthermore, unlocking new levels of peace, freedom, and joy makes room for infinite creative flow to drop in. Creativity is both your best money-maker & the place in which you gain fulfillment.

We are naturally creative beings at our core, however, most of us are disconnected because our lives don’t support infinite creative flow. If you aren’t in the flow, it’s more challenging to receive infinite creative flow.


Want to get in the flow & drop time limitations? Grab this activation training!