Goddess Vibes: Unconditional Self Love (2022)


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In this Embodied Wisdom + Activation Training, we talk about going DEEPER with Energy Management so you can unlock a new layer of lightness, peace, freedom, and ease.

We provide a few action steps for you to follow + open up new doors in your mind with this activation.

Topics are Unconditional Self Love, Pleasure (the non-trendy kind people aren’t talking about), Honoring Yourself, and Advanced Boundaries Setting.

The Goddess Vibes Series is here to help you step into your FULL POWER as a Goddess. We’ve moved on from basic energy management and have evolved from ENERGY EMPRESS to GODDESS.

The Goddess Vibes Series is birthed from GODDESS ARCHETYPAL ENERGY. This activation + embodied wisdom comes from the LENS/PERSPECTIVE of the GODDESS ARCHETYPE as defined by The Expansion Oracle.


Some people have started as an Energy Empress and will have evolved into full-on GODDESS. This means you may have taken the Protect Your Energy Program and are seeking the Advanced Goddess Vibes trainings now.

However, please note Protect Your Energy Program is NOT a pre-requisite. You can do Energy Empress –> Goddess or Goddess –> Energy Empress. You decide the order.

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