Going Beyond Tasks: Expansive Planning for Leaders (2022)


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A visionary leader that’s making the BIG moves, trusts themselves, and stands in their power doesn’t PLAN the same way they did when they first started their organization. And no, I’m not talking about the people who are playing small & burnt out with poor boundaries but “financial success”.

I’m talking about true expansive leaders that make big moves, have self-trust, and stand in their power. Does this sound like you? Or the person you’re becoming?

Maybe you consider yourself to be one of them, but you don’t have a plan. You’ve been “following your intuition” but would appreciate a little bit of structure. 2-simple questions to ask yourself daily. These questions will help you get clear on where you should be focusing your energy every single day.

It’s a solid backup plan for those HOLY SH*T nothing is going right days, and I seem to have forgotten how to do the leadership stuffs. Ya know, for those little moments of imposter syndrome or when something’s got you distracted and you want something tangible to fall back on 🙂 2 Simple Questions.

Now, if you’re stepping into Next-Level Leadership, Impact & Self-Trust and wish to drop the entry-level To-Do Lists & other planning techniques most people use, this video training is ALSO for you.

In this fabulous 40-minute training you will learn the 2 questions to ask yourself every day to collapse time, reach your goals faster than ever before + boost your creativity.

Plan like a true expansive leader, grab the training 🙂