Shatter Your Paradigm & Take Back Your Power Audio Transmission (2022)


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Time is an illusion that can keep us disconnected from our true expansive, limitless nature. This audio transmission is a deep discovery session on your time power. Learn this advanced manifestation teaching on how to go beyond the limits of Time. 30-Minute Training Crafted to Activate & Expand You.



The first part of this training is geared to those of you that LOVE all things manifestation + magic. When you FLOOD your subconscious with possibilities, it opens new doorways in your mind and provides the evidence you need to solidify and strengthen your ability to manifest in similar ways!

In the first part of this audio clip, I share a story in which I bent Time purely through manifestation. I also identify the mindset shifts you need to make to eliminate the anxiety & energies you hold around Time Pressure that isn’t serving you.

I provide the energetics of standing in your power & making time move in your favor. Time is a made-up construct that can often limit us.

This training has been infused with pure manifestation magic because I am someone that goes beyond the limits and of course, this includes playing with the absolutely illogical magic that’s available to us.

In this training, I also teach the mindset shifts & ways of operating that will reduce the amount of stress you feel about deadlines if you can consciously behave differently in stressful situations. This is the STRETCH that will GROW you and help you be a BETTER leader.


What Can This Training Do For You?

Most people react POORLY to Time Pressure, Limitation, and Stress. In fact, letting Time be your Master is one of the major ways in which you can become disconnected from your creativity. You are more powerful than deadlines & Time Pressure. Reclaim your power AND boost your creativity, your most important asset.

  1. Reduce Your Stress–SUSTAIN your energy + health while pursuing your passion by removing stress where you can!
  2. Don’t Let Your FEAR Mind get the Best of You! Outsmart Your Brain to Succeed in Situations where Most Crumble
  3. Be the Best Leader you can be for Yourself, Your Team, and your Customers. This is the responsibility of truly exceptional leaders that desire to serve their people well + leave a legacy.
  4. Strengthen your best asset, the money maker aka your creative power!

This rejection of power results in slow movement. Thankfully, you can start to re-embrace your “masculine energy” and move faster by facing challenges, not waiting on the Universe to deliver in slow motion. You deserve to experience the ACTUAL ease that comes from fully owning your Power!

This audio transmission is the next-level manifestation & mindset training that will help you take back your Time Power if you integrate the teaching.


What’s The Sitch?

This advanced training pairs SOO well with the Powerful & Limitless With Time Affirmations Track + the Time Warp Program in general.

I recommend re-listening to this deep discovery session whenever ya want to reprogram your subconscious + listening to the Powerful & Limitless With Time Affirmations Track (sold separately) for 30-days for some real magic to unfold.


Learn the energetics of Bending Time through manifestation! Grab this training 🙂