Time Slow 2.0 Upgrade (2022)


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60-Minute Activation Training where you’ll learn how you can evolve with the Time Slow stage after you are further along on your journey playing with the Time Bender Archetype. There are multiple layers to expansion & we always have the opportunity for more depth + desire.


WTF is an Activation Training? 

Gain this NEW Mindset Shift + Lived Experience (“Knowledge”) I’ve picked up in relation to going beyond the Limits of Time & Reclaiming my Time Power.

I’ve already covered the basics of the Time Slow stage in the Time Warp Program. This audio training is NEW content specifically on following Soul Guidance/Intuition in relation to TIME when you’re called to do so, in order to CONTINUE living a soul-alive, turned-on life.

When we disregard soul guidance, we cause TONS of chaos because we end up battling ourselves. Soul Guidance wants one thing but the logical mind denies, denies, denies. Our souls know our secret desires but our logical mind can block us from accessing this powerful inner wisdom that’s within us all.

If you don’t know what it looks like to follow soul guidance as you develop & maintain a better relationship with Time (aka you’re feeling groovy, less stressed, dropped time pressure, etc), then you’ll want to tune into this Activation Training.


What’s the Purpose?

Shift Your Mindset + Use this activation training to reprogram your subconscious mind. Open the doors of possibility in your mind.

When you have EVIDENCE (such as wisdom from other people who have gone beyond the limits), it’s easier for your own brain to make similar moves without getting stuck in FEAR mode.

This means answering your True Soul Desire (your scary secret desire that puts you outside your comfy zone) won’t be as challenging because your brain that loves EVIDENCE is alwayssss happy + feels safer when we know we aren’t ALONE in trying the new things + taking risks.

It’s actually one of the BEST reasons you should surround yourself with expansive, innovative people, period. Many people don’t know this! It’s magic…..and also how our brains work lol.

Ready to Open Your Mind Up to this Next-Level Time Training? What I teach in this activation training played a BIG part in removing my fear of success block!

Grab the training now!