Time Warp: Master Your Time (TIAE) (2022)


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Explore the depths of yourself & the universe as you partake in this Transformational Immersive Art Experience (TIAE).

In this TIAE you will explore the Time Bender Archetype.

Chrissy will uncover the full origins of this archetype she crafted for herself and all that choose to embody the Time Bender.

The Transformational Immersive Art Experience itself will activate you as you will engage with a Higher Level of Consciousness/Higher Level Teachings.

You will also be provided with resources, activities and teachings that aid in your full embodiment of the Time Bender.

Many that engage with this Transformational Immersive Art Experience will have the ability to experience Elevated Living simply by playing with & embodying the Time Bender Archetype.

Playing with archetypes is a beautiful unfolding process in which you will meet & embrace hidden parts of yourself that’s buried deep within.

You are invited to play with the Time Bender Archetype to experience more joy, freedom, and peace in your life.

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