Boost & Protect Your Energy (2022)

Do you wish to learn simple energy management practices to replenish your energy supply?

Do you want to know how to create an energetic forcefield to protect yourself in energy draining situations?

Are you interested in being able to identify what is zapping you of energy?

Do you want to increase your energy capacity?

Are you curious about how you can use an intentional pleasure practice to boost your energy?

Do you wish to get to know yourself at a deeper level?

Does having the ability to remove stuck energy and experience a lightness on a continual basis excite you?

Are you curious about how you can tap into your bodily wisdom and honor yourself more?

Do you wish to build a solid energetic foundation?

Are you interested in learning how to boost your self love supply?

Do you wish to expand your ability to handle energy draining situations?

Do you want a bonus 8+ Hours Protect Your Energy Playlist that helps shift and protect your energetic state?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you are in the right place!

The Energy Empress Archetype Program is a Transformational Immersive Art Experience. 

A majority of the teachings you find in this program are a result of 12 Months of Deep Archetypal Embodiment Work, Embracing Soul Expansion, & Intuitive Creative Problem Solving (birthed from following SOUL/FLOW mode). 

Know this work of art is one you pick up and play with. This program is art that has the power to change your life.

If you’re ready to learn how to prevent, remove and work with energy drains, you are invited to experience the Energy Empress Archetype Program.

Wouldn't It Be Nice If...

  • You could move around this world feeling 10x lighter and happier simply by learning how to protect your energy
  • Your soul felt ALIVE and ACTIVATED all the time as you shift into the Next Version of you, the one that honors themselves regularly
  • You have the ability to show up for the people or situations in your life that have felt draining. It gets to be a choice now, not something you must avoid at all costs.

How It Works

This is a Self-Study Program w/ Expert Q&A (Group). Once you join the program you will be engaging in Deep Embodiment Archetypal Play. What does this mean?

To activate & unleash your Inner Energy Empress you are provided with activities, mindset shifts, embodied wisdom, deep discovery exercises, and subconscious reprogramming resources. 

You will receive instant access to the Energy Empress Program after purchase. 

 Check your email for further instructions.

The login you create during purchase is the login you will use to access the program hosted on our website. Returning customers will want to be logged in to the Student Dashboard before making another purchase. 

Our technical support team is available Wednesday to help enrollees with login or tech issues related to the program. Email us at or texts us on Whatsapp

Your Investment

Your Program Facilitator

Hey, Fellow Expansion Seeker! It’s Chrissy Michelle, founder of The Expansion Oracle, A Global High-Performance Brand for Women.

The Expansion Oracle mission is to help High Performing Female Entrepreneurs, Creative+Entrepreneurs, & Visionaries access deeper flow & shift to infinite dreamy timelines. 

As you undergo Soul Expansion you unlock new levels of freedom, peace, creativity, and joy. I call this a soul-alive, turned-on life.

In The Expansion Oracle World you’ll find information and offers related to Mindset, Business, Creativity, Freedom and more niche topics! 

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