Soul Flow Membership

Your Annual Membership for All of Chrissy’s Trainings. See current trainings here. More trainings will likely be released throughout the year in real-time. There is no set schedule.

You can choose the Soul Flow Membership or purchase each training separately. There may be exclusive content & pop-up trainings particularly for the Soul Flow Members. Stay tuned! Xoxo

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The Expansion Oracle

Hey lovelies! It’s Chrissy Michelle. Most people know me as The Expansion Oracle. I’m a Soul Expansion Teacher. And the Artist Behind Limitless Archetypes.

In short my job is to help you expand your Soul so you can access flow. This looks like you unlocking new levels of freedom, peace, creativity and joy. I call this a soul-alive, turned-on life.

Now if you’re new to my world and prefer mainstream terms, Imagine a Combination of a Mindset Coach + Business Mentor + Artist rolled up into one.

By blending creativity, disruptive thinking, metaphysics, embodied leadership, energy work and deep psychology, I craft unique, fun, and engaging programs and offers that facilitate radical transformation.

You get to live a soul-alive turned-on life + feel good while making your impact. Re-design your life. Expand your soul and access flow. More joy, freedom, peace, and creativity is waiting for the Expanded You.