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Who’s ready to upgrade their subconscious programming?

So the Time Bender Archetype is a Limitless Archetype that you play with to Unleash Your Inner Time Bender, the version of self that knows how to slow down, speed up and master time. 

If you value peace, freedom, ease and simplicity like me, you’ve been waiting to come across something like this!

You see, this archetype has been crafted to change you at the core level. And it’s for those of you that WANT to access the 3 Time Super Powers and Redefine their relationship with Time.

Now maybe you’re wondering, what’s the point of all this? Why is it important to Redefine my relationship with Time?

Basically, I’m one of those creative subconscious nerds that loves to explore and play in the limitless realm.

I love making the impossible possible which is great for those of us that like to have it all. 

At first I just desired to stop overworking in my business. Basically solving a problem for myself by working smarter.

Working smarter unlocked a ton of freedom and peace.

But then I set out to keep expanding and following my soul guidance.

Eventually I picked up the Slow Down Time Superpower. This is all about actually being able to chill TF out and be present. 

It’s a trust that you develop with life, a weight that falls off your shoulders. 

It’s a new way of being with Time. It’s something that improves your wellbeing and your relationships. You’re not just working less hours, you’re happier and taken care of.

And because you’re taken care of, it’s easier to help others and spread more love. Life starts to get more flowy. 

Then I reached a point where I had to develop the Speeding Up Time Superpower. I recognized I couldn’t just learn how to Master Time and Slow It Down because with those two superpowers I could easily find myself in a slump or running on the burnout hamster wheel.

So I became the one who could Speed Up Time. A part of this superpower allows you to reach your goals fast without going back to overworking.

I think this aspect of the Speeding Up Time SuperPower is massively underrated. Because most people don’t have the programming to work differently. 

They’ve trained themselves to work all day everyday non-stop because that’s the nature of our society. 

So we can actually get ourselves off the burnout, rest and overworking cycle by allowing ourselves to evolve into a new way of operating. This is upgrading our core programming.

Now to upgrade your programming there are certain things that have to occur which is why we provide the Time Bender Archetype to you. 

The Time Bender Archetype has been broken down into 3 phases, and with each phase you are recommended to engage with the material for 1-3 months. 

The best part about the program is that the material provided is meant to upgrade your programming. It’s not something you have to force yourself to use for the rest of your life.

So for those of you that LOVE freedom, a core upgrade is what you need, not a bunch of tools you have to force yourself to use forever. 

To me it’s a no brainer to commit to something for 3-9 months if it means I’m going to change at the core and unlock new levels of freedom, ease, and peace. 

I love simplicity too much to chose a short-term/quick fix that doesn’t actually address depth.

One of the other cool things about playing with my limitless archetypes is that they help your life become more flowy.

And when your life is more flowy, you have more room for infinite creative flow.

I like to keep it simple and say flow = flow.

But another way of understanding this is that you are experiencing less stress and due to the nature of the program you will likely be able to consciously access states in which your brainwaves are conducive to creativity.

Essentially, Time Limitations are are subtle stress that’s weighing down a lot of people.

Now for those of us that are fortunate enough, have the awareness, and want to experience the luxury of True Time Freedom, we can redefine our relationship with Time to unlock new levels of freedom, peace, ease and joy.

And when you reduce your stress levels, it’s easier for something like creativity to drop in. Your lifestyle (really your subconscious programming) is a match for creative flow.

So if you’re tired of working a bunch and seek a change or you want to connect with your wild side and dare to explore a life without Time Limitations, the Time Bender Archetype is for you. 


The True Time Freedom Timeline Looks Like...

So True Time Freedom can be different for everyone because we aren’t all the exact same. However, I can share with you the possibilities of what True Time Freedom can look like for most of us.


Take Care of You

Have Time for all the massages, shopping, meditation, breathwork, play, and other self-care things. The activities that make you feel supported, taken care of & improve your wellness. Because you deserve it.

Relax on Vacation

Go on Vacations and TRULY Relax. Like you get to be present and soak up the beautiful moment, not up in la la land stressing about your business while you’re chilling on a beach in Hawaii.

Break Unsustainable, Chaotic Working Patterns

Drop all the unnecessary overworking & productive procrastination that keeps you burnt out, exhausted and resenting your business.

Bring Your Soul Alive + Love Your Life

Stop saying “I don’t have the time” to do the things you really wanna do. I swear when we do this a little part of our soul dies. Please know we get to live a soul-alive, turned-on life. Time doesn’t have to be a reason you can’t do something.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Expand into more ease & peace as you uncover new ways to reduce your work hours by working smarter. Already have a team? Helpful but if you never learn how to work smarter, you’ll go from wasting time, to wasting time and money.

Hop Off the Burnout Hamster Wheel

Leave the burnout cycle for good. No more chaotic energy bouncing from burnout, rest, to overworking. You get to care for yourself at such a deep level AND expand into the entrepreneur that can reach their big goals fast. No overworking required.

Discover Success Without Sacrifice

Stand in your power and rise into the entrepreneur with next level impact and true time freedom.

Feel Lighter & Less Stressed

Drop all time limits, stress and heaviness that’s weighing you down. Life gets to be easier. You get to have time for it all.

Be There for Loved Ones & Yourself

Have amazing relationships with your friends, family, and community. Spend time with your partner, have a dinner date with your Mom, be a caregiver, do community work, care for yourself, etc. 

Be Present: True Work-Life Balance

Can be truly present when you’re not actively working in your business. Reduced work hours while still having your brain chained to your business is fake work-life balance. You deserve so much more.

Boost Customer Attraction & Satisfaction

Serve your customers so much better. When you’re taken care of you operate differently. It’s a whole different vibe that’s unleashed when you unleash your inner time bender. You become 10x more magnetic.

Make Space for Creativity to Drop Into Your Life

Strengthen your inner money maker that can never be taken from you. This is the thing only you have. Your creativity! The reason why you are a true walking asset & stand out in the marketplace.

Are You Ready to Redefine Your Relationship With Time?

How It Works

The Time Bender Archetype Program is a Transformational Immersive Art Experience. A majority of the teachings you find in this program are a result of 12 Months of Deep Archetypal Embodiment Work, Embracing Soul Expansion, & Intuitive Creative Problem Solving (birthed from following SOUL/FLOW mode).

Know this work of art is one you pick up and play with. This program is art that has the power to change your life.

The Time Bender Archetype Program is broken up into 3 stages that help you move up the true time freedom scale

True Time Freedom Scale

For each stage of the program we recommend 1-3 Months to play with & fully integrate the material. Realistically, change takes time for most people. However, the subconscious reprogramming resources in the program are crafted to speed up results.

(1.0) Time Management: Get Your Time Under Control, Work Smarter Not Harder & Free Up Time For Yourself

(2.0) Slow Down Time: Stop Time from Slipping Through Your Fingers: Drop Overworking & Unsubscribe from Hustle Culture

(3.0) Speed Up Time: Quantum Leap Your Life, Go Beyond the Limits of Time, Slay Resistance & Reach Your Goals in Lightning Speed, Without Going Back to Overworking


(4.0) – What’s Next?: Choose to Integrate Any Future Advanced Teachings (Time Wizardry Trainings — Offered Separately) + Evolve With The Archetype (Personalization)

This is a Self-Study Program w/ Expert Q&A (Group). Once you join the program you will be engaging in Deep Embodiment Archetypal Play. What does this mean?

To activate & unleash your Inner Time Bender you are provided with activities, mindset shifts, embodied wisdom, deep discovery exercises, and subconscious reprogramming resources. 

To Activate & Unleash Your Inner Time Bender...

Expert Group Q&A occurs 1x/Month. 

You will receive instant access to Time Bender Archetype Program after purchase. 

The login you create during purchase is the login you will use to access the program hosted on our website. Returning customers will want to be logged in to the Student Dashboard before making another purchase.

Our support team is available Wednesdays to help enrollees with login or tech issues related to the program.

Embark on the Journey to True Time Freedom

Your Program Facilitator

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