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2022 Gets to Be The Year You Run A Business And...

  • Have time for all the massages, shopping, meditation, breathwork, play, and other self-care things. The activities that make you feel supported, taken care of & improve your wellness. Because you deserve it. 
  • Go on Vacations and TRULY Relax. Like you get to be present and soak up the beautiful moment, not up in la la land stressing about your business while you’re chilling on a beach in Hawaii. 
  • Drop all the unnecessary overworking & productive procrastination that keeps you burnt out, exhausted and resenting your business.
  • Stop saying “I don’t have the time” to do the things you really wanna do. I swear when we do this a little part of our soul dies. Please know we get to live a soul-alive, turned-on life. Time doesn’t have to be a reason you can’t do something. 
  • Expand into more ease & peace as you uncover new ways to reduce your work hours by working smarter. Already have a team? Helpful but if you never learn how to work smarter, you’ll go from wasting time, to wasting time and money. 
  • Leave the burnout cycle for good. No more chaotic energy bouncing from burnout, rest, to overworking. You get to care for yourself at such a deep level AND expand into the entrepreneur that can reach their big goals fast. No overworking required. 
  • Stands in their power and rises into the entrepreneur with next level impact and true time freedom. 
  • Drop all time limits, stress and heaviness that’s weighing you down. Life gets to be easier. You get to have time for it all. 
  • Feels supported and abundant with Time. Like, you truly love how you’re spending your Time. And you love your life 1000x deeper. 
  • Has amazing relationships with your friends, family, and community. Your business is no longer a reason you cannot spend time with your partner or have a dinner date with your Mom. It’s no longer the reason you can’t be a caregiver, run your business, and have time left over to care for yourself. It’s no longer a reason you can’t do the community work your soul’s been craving. 
  • Can be truly present when you’re not actively working in your business. Reduced work hours while still having your brain chained to your business is fake work-life balance. You deserve so much more. 
  • Serve your customers so much better. When you’re taken care of you operate differently. It’s a whole different vibe that’s unleashed when you unleash your inner time bender. You become 10x more magnetic.
  •  Strengthen your inner money maker that can never be taken from you. This is the thing only you have. Your creativity! The reason why you are a true walking asset. 
  • Becomes the master of Time, or at least develops a better relationship with Time. Time is only your master if you let it. 
  • Can bend Time in a way that feels light and playful. Not forceful which just leads to more energy drain. 
  • Watches a f*ck ton of Netflix, or anything else that’s frowned upon. You know how use your time effectively, so movie marathons aren’t a problem for you. 

You Don't Have to Choose Between Financial Freedom & Time Freedom

Most people feel like Time is their Master, there is never enough and it’s always working against them. Entrepreneurs in particular buy into the illusion that once they achieve financial freedom they’ll be living their dream life. 

Team or not, many find themselves hitting a wall, overworked, and considering giving up their business altogether for a slower life. 

F*ck all that. You get to be a successful business owner without sacrificing Time Freedom. All that’s required is expansion & creation. 

You Deserve…

🌹To walk this earth feeling supported by Time
🌹To walk this earth without the heaviness of time pressure and stress weighing you down
🌹to feel really good about how you spend your time
🌹 to walk this earth trusting and fully knowing you have all the Time you need
🌹to experience a life in which you aren’t giving your power away to procrastination or overworking
🌹a life in which time isn’t being stolen from you, poured into draining activities or the abyss

This is all possible when you unleash your inner Time Bender. 

How Do You Unleash Your Inner Time Bender?

The program is broken up into 4 stages that help you move up the true time freedom scale. For each stage of the program we recommend 1-3 Months to play with & fully integrate the material. Long-lasting change > quick fix energy.

(1.0) Time Management: Get Your Time Under Control, Work Smarter Not Harder & Free Up Time For Yourself

(2.0) Slow Down Time: Stop Time from Slipping Through Your Fingers: Drop Overworking & Unsubscribe from Hustle Culture

(3.0) Speed Up Time: Quantum Leap Your Life, Go Beyond the Limits of Time, Slay Resistance & Reach Your Goals in Lightning Speed

(4.0) Advanced Time Mastery: Drop Time Pressure, Advanced Planning for Leaders, Reclaim Your Power & Stop Letting Time Be Your Master, Timeline Jumping, and Navigating Expansion With Intuition & Soul Guidance

(5.0) – What’s Next?: Choose to Integrate Any Future Advanced Teachings added to the Program + Evolve With The Archetype (Personalization)

Your Guide to True Time Freedom

Hey there, I’m Chrissy, The Expansion Oracle👋 I am an Artist, Entrepreneur, and Time Wizard.

I was once like you, struggling to gain control of my Time. I never seemed to have enough Time for all the things I wanted to do. This impacted both my personal and professional life!

I struggled with procrastination AND overworking. So much chaos, bouncing back and forth between the two.

I felt so much Time stress, pressure, and heaviness on a day-to-day basis.

For me, Time was limited. I figured one day I might crack the Time code.

I tried all the super complex Time Management/Planning strategies like the Pomodoro Technique, Bullet Journaling, Waking Up Early, and more.

I studied so much material on “how to be more productive” & I got really good at being The Overworked Entrepreneur. You know, the one that puts work above everything and celebrates their 16-hour days.

Little did I know, you cannot work enough to gain time freedom. Working more just leads to you working more.

I mean I was the person who gave it my all, tried all the strategies, and still hadn’t freed up any time for myself.

I’ve been the person who would force themselves to use a strategy or tool, see a 10% increase but feel so unhappy and powerless.

I’ve been the person who hopped from one strategy to the next thinking this time I’ll finally have the time freedom I desire.

I’ve been the person who didn’t see how the hell I could create more time for myself based on my current situation.

Everything changed when I decided to unsubscribe from hustle culture and be open to figuring out an alternative that worked really well for ME.

I wanted a solution that didn’t include complicated strategies or unnecessary tools.

I wanted a strategy that worked with me no matter the season of life I was in.

I wanted structure but I also wanted flexibility.

I wanted this mythical unlimited time that we all dream of.

So what did I do next?

I let myself create what I call the Time Bender Archetype.

In truth, The Time Bender Archetype is sitting deep down within us all waiting to be unraveled.

I was simply tasked by Spirit to be the one to birth it into the world.

The Time Bender Archetype is not your average archetype.

Instead, the Time Bender plays in both the 3D and the limitless realm. It is an Expansive Version of Yourself.

The Time Bender is the version of you with True Time Freedom.

As the Time Bender, you know how to speed up, slow down and master Time.

Most people feel like Time is their Master, there is never enough and it’s always working against them.

It’s time we redefine our relationship with Time.

You deserve to walk this earth feeling supported by Time.

You deserve to walk this earth without the heaviness of Time Pressure and Stress weighing you down.

You deserve to feel really good about how you spend your Time.

You deserve to walk this earth trusting and truly knowing you always have all the Time you need.

You deserve to experience a life in which you aren’t giving your power away to procrastination OR overworking.

This is all possible when we live consciously, own our power and do the highly transformational deep embodiment work required to become a Time Bender.

Or as you may have heard me say before…

The change we seek is possible when we play with magical archetypes.

Today, Time is my BFF.

I have unlimited Time, to do whatever I want.

A lot of people may think this has to do with Money.

But you can have all the money in the world and have a poor relationship with Time.

I, like many others before me, thought if I just worked hard enough I’d have time freedom.

Where did that get me?

Overworked and Unhappy.

Are You Ready to Redefine Your Relationship With Time?

You don’t have to GUESS your way to True Time Freedom.

You don’t have to settle for Limited Time Freedom.

You don’t have to pick up complicated planning strategies.

Nor do you have to burn yourself out.

I don’t want you to repeat my path or keep struggling any longer.

How It Works

This is a Self-Study Program w/ Expert Q&A (Group or One-One Private Voxer). Lifetime access.

Our support team is available Tues & Thurday to help enrollees with login or tech issues related to the program.

Group Q&A + the Artist Insights & Updates Vaults are subject to ongoing updates as more questions, embodied wisdom, and channeled teachings flow through. This is a living work of art with the potential to expand over time. 

Your Investment Options: Pay In Full or 3-Month Plan

$50k Pay In Full or 3-Month Payment Plan, $20k Per Month.  

Once spots are filled for Time Warp 2022, the Program Closes for the year.

DM Us on Facebook for Onboarding xoxo

VIP Upgrade - 1:1 Voxer Mentorship | Choose Your Immersion

Want 1:1 exclusive access to The Artist & Founder? Premium Clients receive priority & personalized support. Chrissy will be available to answer personal questions, provide guidance, and celebrate your progress at every stage. Direct Access to Chrissy means your question will get answered. Group Q&A doesn’t have the same benefit & occurs 1x month.

As a Mentor, Chrissy will provide guidance and her embodied wisdom to support you as you play with the Time Bender Archetype. It’s going to be so fun and expansive! Choose this if you desire High-Level support

Only 5 Spots for 1:1 Support With Chrissy for 2022.

Choose Your Level of Immersion.

4-Months – $250k PIF (1-Month for Each Stage of Archetypal Play, or You Set Your Own Pace)

8-Months – $350k PIF (2-Months for Each Stage of Archetypal Play, or You Set Your Own Pace)

Decide mid-way you want to extend your support w/ 4-Month Option? Ask Chrissy & we’ll see what we can do!

Chrissy checks in on Voxer 1x per day on Tuesday & Thursday. Of course, you’re welcome to send multiple questions at once, any time & day of the week. 

When you choose to upgrade you will be sent over Chrissy’s current Holiday & Travel Schedule so we work out the exact timeline for support. 

DM Us on Facebook for Onboarding xoxo

Is The Program A Good Fit For Me?

Do you desire to be the one who….?
🔥Is limitless with time
🔥treats their time as sacred
🔥has unsubscribed from hustle culture
🔥knows how to free up time with ease
🔥drops time pressure, stress and heaviness for good
🔥trusts themselves with time
🔥has unlimited time to do whatever they want
🔥feels really good about how they spend their time
🔥Truly knows time is not their master, and lives that way
🔥has an abundant supportive relationship with Time
🔥doesn’t let themselves swim in resistance/procrastinate
🔥knows how to turn the dial up to 80mph
🔥can quantum leap their life & accomplish goals in lightning speed
🔥is time efficient with or without a time management solution
🔥drops overworking for good
🔥feels lighter & experiences a greater level of peace continually
🔥has access to mind blowing creativity that only increases the more they move up the True Time Freedom Scale ⚡️
🔥has more freedom & power
🔥is living a turned on, soul alive life

This can be your reality in 2022. Listen to the audio clip below if you desire more details on who isn’t a good fit for the program. 

My Love Note to You (Expectations & Disclaimer)

We don’t guarantee results + we don’t offer any refunds. Period. Personal responsibility vibes. Keep your commitments. Engage with the business if you want. You decide. Still need access to a program or offer? See our customer service policy. We provide good quality service. We are upfront about expectations. Read them. Know them. Know You Are Taken Care Of. 

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